i am vegetarian???

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a friend invited me to go for a vegetarian dinner and i asked them this question back instead

“vegetarian dinner at one of those restaurants that make all the vegetables look like meat and all that?”

her response was affirmative to which i replied that i was not the least bit interested. i’m still trying to figure out my distaste for vegetarian restaurants, and i think it partly has to do with an argument that my family had while dining at a vegetarian restaurant when i was a short, little, ugly albeit a little bit cute boy of about eight or nine…

no, it wasn’t the fault of the vegetarian restaurant but it still retains that unfortunate association. heh, that person who told you that the world was a fair place, well…he lied 👿

some points to ponder

  1. our microeconomy isn’t looking particularly rosy at the moment, and oh yeah…a good way to help things along is to go go pay ridiculously jacked-up prices for vegetables dressed up as flesh
  2. most people claim that they are vegetarians for religious reasons, well…by all means go eat vegetables, nobody is stopping you. but what is the point of making the vegetables look like meat or fish or some other ‘sinful’ indulgence that is forbidden by religion? i mean, if you’re so bloody hard up for flesh, go eat it…PICK ANOTHER RELIGION! spare yourself the trouble of looking for that OH SO WONDERFUL VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT THAT SERVES FLESH LOOKING VEGETABLES!
  3. and if it’s for religious reasons, all those cooks and the people who partake in the flesh looking vegetables are in serious deep shit with the Big Fella up there, i mean…seriously…HAVE YOU EVER SEEN MUSLIMS MAKING THEIR CHICKEN DISHES TO LOOK LIKE PORK? pbbbfffftttttttt……
  4. walk into most vegetarian restaurants and you’d see some monks sitting at tables eating vegetarian meals, as is required…but do spare a thought for them, you abstain from flesh for a few weeks or months or whatever, they have got no choice, they don’t eat meat, period. and YOU make them sit there eating vegetables looking like meat…that’s almost akin to rubbing salt into the wound eh?

don’t get my wrong, i deeply respect all religions, and i have dear friends who are vegetarians, i have a problem with the concept of flesh looking vegetables i guess…and i think alot of times, all the abstinence and ‘pantang larang‘ are maybe a misinterpretation of the teachings?

go figure


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February 13, 2007 at 11:42 pm

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it’ll be almost WRONG for me NOT to link to this site.


dedicated to all them druggies, potential druggies, drug pushers and potential drug pushers out there!

it’s time to change the BORING label that pharmacists attract. there’s more than the prim, proper and boring friendly neighbourhood pharmacist than meets the eye! 😈

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January 29, 2007 at 3:15 pm

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notebook alzheimers

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these babies sure do make one hell of a difference to the speed of my notebook…it almosts seem to be the omnipotent all powerful factor that determines how smoothly your computer runs!

i had to cut my ram by half to 256mb cos one of the boards fried, OMFG…everything was affected! startup, shutdown, multitasking, tabbed browsin; i felt like i was being unproductive waiting for the inevitable lull as i ‘alt-tab’ed between windows…it was so painful!

it didn’t help that the notebook is old, so it took me awhile to hunt down the correct ram, but after installing 1gb of ddr 266mhz pc2100 ram, its all sunshine and rainbows again, HAH :mrgreen:

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January 28, 2007 at 2:27 am

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most definitely a rant

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time flies, it’s 2007 already…time for my annual trip to the town council to get doggie licenses. just so that the dogs dont get put down if they manage to leave the house compound without us knowing!

oh, by the way, selangor is a developed state already. it’s no longer developING, now on par with singapore, hong kong and them western countries…RIGHT, of course.

anyway, back to doggie tags. i was being very naive, thinking that it’d take me an hour tops to get things done, ended up being there for FOUR HOURS!

  1. grab a license application off the Help Desk and pay RM1 for it; note: there is no need to queue (you can’t anyways, cos there is no queue!), just jostle your way through to the table and demand an application form
  2. fill it form, submit it back to the help desk, with doggie’s vaccination records, and wait
  3. and wait
  4. and wait
  5. then a lady’d come out and ask you where you were born, how the fu*k is this relevant to the application, and hey, THIS IS MALAYSIA, get the bloody information off the ‘fantastic’ myKad!
  6. and then you continue waiting…
  7. then the lady comes out with the bill that you have pay, now this time you have to queue up to pay 🙂
  8. you give her the receipt to prove that you’ve paid, and she disappears again…and you wait
  9. and wait
  10. then she finally comes out and gives you the license

there you go, the 10 point guide on how to get a doggie license from your local town council. now, i need someone to explain to me how a process as simple as issuing a dog license TAKE FOUR BLOODY HOURS???

i’d hate to imagine how things are like in the other states that haven’t achieved ‘developed‘ status yet…you know, backwaters, kampungs, ‘sua pahs’!

something did put a smile on my face though, i encountered an indian man in the lift going down who kept muttering

“pukima mia orang, suruh datang pagi, nanti suruh datang petang, nanti belum siap, suruh datang besok, pukima mia orang, ingat gua tak payah kerja ka, PUKIMA MIA ORANG”

oh, dont forget to visit their website, might as well promote the place i’m living in 😯

me still trying to figure out what a “madani” community is…maybe it’s one where people wont rant after being made to wait FOUR BLOODY HOURS for a dog license 😈

have cc’d this to the MPK complaint centre as well as the Sun newspapers…not that it’s going to do much good, but at least i get some gratification out of it!

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January 25, 2007 at 9:42 am

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so much for “suck me beautiful”

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i was in a relationship once… ~ l o o n g . j u n k z . c o m

well, so much for the Three Magic Words That Make a Relationship

here i present to you the

Seven Magic Words That UNMAKE a Relationship

if anyone has been on the receiving end of this, my sincere sympathies to you…but hell, for the 3rd party watching it, it’s bloody hilarious.


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December 22, 2006 at 5:19 pm

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of spirits and dice

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that was the final straw, five minutes spent sitting by the toilet bowl. my memory’s abit fuzzy, can’t remember if i was hugging it or just lying next to it.

ever vomited for a few minutes straight (oh, trust me…it felt like forever)? first comes the blackish coloured stuff, then it gradually lightens to a dark brown before the light brown caramel coloured stuff comes out

  1. never play dice with HK people, especially when you are beginner
  2. and most especially when there is ample supply of alcohol around

tequila shots

promised myself i won’t willingly put myself in that situation ever again, learnt my lesson. i know now the the folly of the question

“eh, what are they doing with the dice?” 🙄

did i mention that my throat was sore for three days straight?!

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December 20, 2006 at 6:17 pm

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dear govt

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it took me seven bloody hours to get home from jakarta. from the time i woke up in Jakarta at 430am till i finally reached home at 1230pm (KL time is 1hour ahead of Jakarta, and i took public transport home)dear government, thank you for building a big beautiful airport at KLIA. eventhough it is so very underutilised, a further thank you for using MORE taxpayers money to build a dedicated Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) which feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere. come to think of it, BOTH airports ARE in the middle of nowhere…

dear government, can you please explain to me the logic behind locating the airport so very far away from KL and so very close to Seremban? last time i checked, our capital was still KL…


just bitching cos i remember the days when the airport was still in PJ…i can be halfway there, realise i’ve forgotten something, be able to go home, collect it and still be there with plenty of time to spare. ah, the good old days 🙂

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December 15, 2006 at 7:43 pm

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